David Slater

Owner & Managing Director, Spaces Sheffield

David is Sheffield born & bred and has owned Spaces Sheffield since 1999 when, after studying Urban Regeneration Msc at Sheffield Hallam University he was eager to make an impression in his home city.

David’s vision first led to the creation of St Vincent’s – Sheffield S3 – a true success story.

Anticipating the growth of The Universities in Sheffield, David knew that he was a stakeholder in a district where residential development could flourish. After 18 months of negotiation with Sheffield City Council Planners David was able to convince the authorities to amend the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) to allow residential and mixed-use development in an area previously designated for Industrial manufacturing.

Despite huge resistance, his perseverance paid off and, working with Architect Tony Carroll and colleague Bob Asquith, an initial concept to create a refurbishment and new build on an upper Allen St site – The Old Stephenson Blake Building – was presented.

The completed project has become the catalyst for over a £100 million transformation and the creation of the St Vincent’s District. Today the area has been totally transformed and the final pieces of David’s vision are being completed. No statue or Blue Plaque just yet but David is rightly proud of the work he and colleagues completed in St Vincent’s against the odds.

A walk down Netherthorpe from University Roundabout to Shalesmoor demonstrates the power of being the first. A once rundown area of derelict factories and crime-ridden streets is now a beacon of modernity and a thriving community of students & professionals, with excellent facilities, all built around the original St Vincent’s building.

By 2004 Spaces Sheffield had begun investing in the Lower Don Valley and have become key Stakeholders in The Attercliffe District.

David is a member of the Attercliffe Action Group and has been involved on The LEP Leisure and tourism Panel as well as being a member of the Sheffield City Council Business Advisory Panel and a past Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Regeneration group SPARC. He has steadfastly continued the campaign for the renaissance of Attercliffe and the Lower Don Valley.

If it is going on in the Lower Don Valley then David and Bob have the information at hand and Spaces Sheffield has been an integral part of the plan to regenerate the district.

There are over 40 acres of designated Housing development sites, and Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park – championed by Richard Caborn – will be a world-class health and wellbeing destination. The area that MADE Sheffield WILL MAKE IT BACK!!!

Recent visits to Sheffield by World Renowned speakers from Pittsburgh USA and Frieburg Germany have urged the SCC to develop land in Brownfield sites and on Tram Routes. David Slater has been championing these suggestions for years. Attercliffe and the Lower Don Valley is the place where it can all happen.

The Attercliffe Action Project offers the opportunity for people to Live and Work in 21st Century surroundings. It is incredibly exciting and SPACES are proud to be part of this amazing transformation that is happening before our eyes.

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