SHU AWRC Building Exterior

Attercliffe is to be the home of important Covid-19 Rehabilitation Research & Innovation Developments at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park

The positive impact of Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park continues to grow as a new Research & Innovation unit is being set up at the excellent Sheffield Hallam University Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre.

The new unit looks to address the long-term health challenges that we are likely to see as a result of covid-19, to support local & national health and care services, and is called RICOVR.

The 3 main groups of people that the unit aims to help are:

  • Patients suffering from severe Covid-19 cases, requiring intensive care
  • Patients with milder Covid-19 symptoms, who still require rehabilitation support
  • People with no Covid-19 symptoms but who may have experienced physical or mental health deterioration as a result on extended periods of inactivity during lockdown, or have been adversely affected in some other way.

Sheffield has seen over 600 Covid-19 patients requiring intensive care treatment, whose rates of recovery to full health have been mixed, but nationwide this number is much higher and the research undertaken right here in Attercliffe will be vital in the UKs return to physical, emotional and economic health post-pandemic.

Spaces Sheffield Director & Owner, David Slater, a key proponent of Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park and driver of change in East Sheffield said: “This development is further testament to the regeneration of Attercliffe & East Sheffield as Sheffield’s beating heart and we, at Spaces Sheffield, are proud to call the organisations undertaking this vital work our neighbours.”

Read further details of this development here.