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The office is alive.

We are social beings: We work off the spark that is created by contact.

Working from home: It’s fair to say it’s a pretty hot topic at the moment. In fact it’s pretty inescapable. You can’t even avoid it by, well, working from home.

Many people will have you believe that it’s the best thing to come out of the pandemic and that it represents the future of work. And, we’ll agree, it does have many benefits.

But, like everything, with pros there are also cons.

Working from home has been a great short term solution to allow millions of businesses across the world continue to trade under lockdown conditions, and the emergence to super-stardom of online collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google’s Meet tool – launched in 2017 but promoted heavily during lockdown in response to the pandemic – has gone some way to recreate that in person feel.

But let’s face it. With the best will in the world, it’s a poor substitute for the real thing.


Social Beings

Humans are social beings. That doesn’t just mean we need leisure time contact with friends, it means that we need to be together to create greatness. We work off the spark that is created by contact.

Many of the office-based Spaces Sheffield tenants that we’ve spoken to have either come back full time with smaller teams, utilising the generous space and inexpensive rents or are rotating their teams, with a flexible mix of office-time & WFH-time – a solution that seems to working well and giving employees the best of both worlds.

We’ve also spoken to a lot of people who just don’t want to be anywhere but the office. It’s where they work best. Where their creative spark is fired. Where their business is at home.

So whilst we’re happy that our tenants, alongside businesses up and down the country, have been able to continue to trade during these awful times, we can’t wait for them to come back and start creating greatness, once again.



Our working spaces are perfect for smaller sized businesses, with spaces suitable for one man bands looking for a desk, wi-fi and an address, up to office or manufacturing units for around 30 staff.

Due to the smaller spaces and great value offering, we have had lots of interest recently from larger companies looking to continue flexible or rota-based office working in a smaller, more cost-effective space, where we have been able to satisfy their need.

THIS, we believe, is the future.

Don’t pay over the odds for large, over-priced, empty office space in town; speak to David about our great value spaces at the heart of things at Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park and save money without compromising on quality.

Contact us on or on 07889 207077 to discuss your business’ needs.